WIN High School Program

"What I Need"

Serving grades 9-12

 This setting IV program provides specialized supports for both academic and behavioral services to high school age children within member districts and surrounding communities. The program’s goal is to foster learning, cultivate skills, promote independence, and encourage students to become active, productive members of society.

 Program Description

  • Individualized programs planned to empower the strengths of each student
  • Instructional goals focus on teaching specific academic, social, and behavioral skills
  • Students received academic programming in math, reading, writing, social studies, science, and physical education
  • Therapeutic services provide collaboration for individual student programming.
  • Progress is reviewed frequently, with frequent and open communication.
  • Students receive school credit for academic programming
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a school-wide approach to make schools safer and improve student behavior through positive reinforcement. We create positive staff to student interactions through this program.
PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support ) Matrix

Performance tracking System (PTS) is a trauma-responsive system to identify, measure, and effectively support student skills and engagement. This data is shared at IEP meetings as a tool for transitioning students to their home district. This is also used for students to increase self-awareness as they build on specific skills and move to different levels.
Referral Information:
The IEP team within the student's home school district, including the parents, discusses the possibility of a referral to one of the MSED programs. A referral may be appropriate if a student is not successful in the mainstream school due to emotional or behavioral struggles and the team determines the student needs a more restrictive setting to successfully meet their goals. 
  • Students must meet the Minnesota criteria for special education, and have a current evaluation upon attending one of the programs. The evaluation report must include a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA).
  • The mainstream school will provide background information in addition to current interventions and data.
  • Students remain in the WIN Elementary Program for varying lengths of time. Each student's situation receives individual planning, which determines the most appropriate programing to meet student needs. 
  • There is no additional fee for students to attend this program.
Parents or Guardians interested in submitting a referral for their student should work with the Special Education Director within the student's home school district to begin the referral process.
Additional information can be found by accessing the Referral Information page from the Quick Links menu on the left.

Program Contact Information:
15770 18th St. NE
Little Falls, MN 56345

Office (320) 631-2500 
Fax (320) 632-3981 

Program Supervisor: Jolaine Beddow-Beste
                                  Assistant Director of Special Education
                                  Phone: (320) 631-2540


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15770 18th St. NE
Little Falls, MN 56345

Ph: (320) 631-2500
Fax: (320) 6323981

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