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"Student Transition Education & Personal Success"

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The STEPS Program teaches transition skills to young adult students ages 18-21 years old. Specific transition skills are taught as determined by individual goals, in areas including Community activities, Independent living skills, post-secondary opportunities, Career exploration, and the preparation & development of marketable job-related skills.

Between the ages of 14-18, students, parents and case managers should be discussing the transition needs of each student at his or her IEP meeting. During this time, if there are unmet transition goals and objectives it would be appropriate to discuss Independent living and vocational skill training beyond high school.

Opportunities are planned for students to access the community to gain skills in the areas of shopping, cooking, and performing household chores. Volunteer opportunities provide necessary experience to practice skills for employment in a monitored environment. Students are also assisted in finding appropriate recreational activities. 

Participants are challenged to reach their maximum potential as they transition from school to work. There is an emphasis on maintaining socially acceptable behavior at all times. Our staff strives to create a nurturing environment where students may improve their quality of life through choices, relationships, and connections in the community.

Every student in the STEPS program has the opportunity to express what their goals are for the future. A team of job coaches assist students in finding the job that they are good at and enjoy. Students will also receive help practicing interview skills, how to fill out an application, and creating their resume. The program focuses on an end goal of the student being as independent as possible and finding paid employment opportunities within the community.


Program Contact Information:
15770 18th St. NE
Little Falls, MN 56345

(320) 631-2500  Office
(320) 632-3981  Fax

Program Supervisor: Jolaine Beddow-Beste
                                  Assistant Director of Special Education
                                  Phone: (320) 631-2540

Teacher: Rebecca Sabenow
               Phone: (320) 631-2532

Contact: Lisa Mickle
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15770 18th St. NE
Little Falls, MN 56345

Ph: (320) 631-2500
Fax: (320) 6323981

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