SUN Program

"Students with Unique Needs"

The SUN program provides an individualized educational experience for students ages 5-21 in grades K-12 who have multiple disabilities.

Curriculum is planned and adapted to meet the specific needs of each student. The method of delivery varies depending on the student’s individual learning style and the methods they best respond to in order to meet their goals. Special consideration is also given to the individual health and safety needs of each student to ensure any necessary accommodations are given a high priority.

Each student receives direct instruction from a special education teacher but may also receive support from other consultants within the Mid-State District.
These consultants may include areas of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Visual/Auditory Impaired, Mobility, Paraprofessionals, Interagency Professionals in Social Services, Autism, Assistive Technology, and Developmental Adaptive Physical Ed. 


Some of the curriculum that we use are the TEACH and COACH models.
  • TEACH is an approach using pictures for students to enhance the communication of students with impaired verbal skills.
  • COACH stands for Choosing Outcomes and Accommodation for Children. It is a planning tool that uses a 10-step process to develop goals and objectives for a student's educational plan. This program allows all members of the student's team to all have input on the student's goals. Parents and professionals cooperate to plan and implement appropriate educational goals and outcomes for students with disabilities.



Referral Information:
The IEP team within the student's home school district, including the parents, discusses the possibility of a referral to one of the MSED programs. Parents or Guardians interested in submitting a referral for their student should work with the Special Education Director within the student's home school district to begin the referral process.

Students should meet the following criteria to be eligible for program services:
  • Student is currently receiving Special Education Services and has a current evaluation report
  • Individual is on an IEP identified as having multiple disabilities and/or a moderate/severe disability.

Additional information can be found by accessing the Referral Information page from the Quick Links menu on the left.

Program Contact Information:
15770 18th St. NE
Little Falls, MN 56345

Office (320) 631-2500 
Fax (320) 632-3981 

Program Supervisor: Jolaine Bedow-Beste
                                  Assistant Director of Special Education
                                  Phone: (320) 631-2540

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15770 18th St. NE
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Ph: (320) 631-2500
Fax: (320) 6323981

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