Occupational Therapy - OT

Occupational Therapy
 Occupational Therapy is considered a “related service”. Being a related service refers to a therapist as a resource person whose purpose is to help facilitate the child’s functional independence and participation in special education services or within regular ed classrooms. The purpose is to enhance what is being done by others, and to provide assistance to primary service providers.

The goal of OT service is to enable students with disabilities to achieve functional independence in the school environment. School OT service to students and school teams may involve:

- Developing activities to improve fine motor control, or to promote sensory motor development (body awareness, postural control, eye hand coordination).

- Recommending strategies and adaptive aids in order to improve performance in school activities.

OT Eligibility

To be eligible for school OT service, students must:

- BE IDENTIFIED as having a disability that interferes with education under the criteria of IDEA (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) or section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended;

- Have sensory motor problems that interferes with their ability to manage classroom materials;

- Require OT intervention to become more independent or better able to participate in school activities.

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