School Closings - Response to Crisis

Mid-State Climate and Safety Plan

Mid-State has a plan to ensure that our District is a welcoming, caring and safe environment for students, parents, community members and staff.  We have accepted the charge of providing a safe environment for our students.  We realize we cannot predict nor control all threats to safety; therefore, we provide a detailed plan of guidelines, structure, and a process to manage program crisis in order to minimize injury to students, staff and faculty.

The successful implementation of this plan rests with those whose charge it is to administer, and they include:

Simoine Bolin, Executive Director
Christine Tangen, Assistant Director of Special Education; MCLC, STEPS and SUCCESS
Melanie McCready, Assistant Director of Special Education; Mid-State North

Emergency Alert System:  In the case of a response to crisis listen to the following radio stations for information regarding a potential or impending emergency:

FM:  92.1, 94.1, 98.1, 104.7, and 107.5
AM:  960, 830 and 1240

TV:  WCCO - Channel 4, KSAX - Channel 5 and KARE - Channel 11