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Technology Services

ITV - Interactive Television

Although Mid-State Education District is one of the smallest technology co-ops in the state in terms of enrollment, we are one of the busiest in terms of ITV programming!  We serve an average of 500 students per semester, and are continually planning new ways to improve our distance learning programs.

Mid-State is providing opportunities for students which would normally be unavailable to them through traditional classroom instruction, by providing both high school and college level courses via Interactive Television in conjunction with Central Lakes College, St. Cloud State University, and Pine Technical College. By doing so, we support the local school district by allowing them to retain more students who may otherwise leave the district to pursue these types of educational opportunities elsewhere.

     For more information about Distance Learning through ITV, visit the link in the quick links menu found to the left
Data Network

Mid-State Technology is the largest fiber-optic network in the state, encompassing nearly 120 miles of district-owned cabling.  This allows us to run as much data, video, and audio as needed for classes and Internet without relying on public ISPs.

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