Mid-State Physical Therapy Services

Serving students ages birth-21 within our Member Districts

Physical Therapists in schools address concerns in areas of:

  • Mobility - how a child is able to move their body, especially legs, trunk, and shoulders, including any physical characteristics that may impact a child's ability to maneuver around their school environment
  • Gross Motor Skills - crawling, walking, balance, posture, playground access, stair climbing, jumping, catching/throwing, transfers, excessive clumsiness, sitting tolerance, getting on and off transportation, etc.
  • Equipment - standers, wheelchairs, gait trainers and belts, walkers, braces, crutches, activity chairs, lifts, and transfer equipment, etc.

Why is PT important?
We realize that a child’s job is to move and play! Physical Therapists are concerned with a child’s ability to participate in movement activities that impact their day to day activities such as crawling, walking, running, playing games, and participating in sports. In addition, Physical Therapists can help children who rely on mobility devices learn to navigate safely in various environments in their educational setting. 

Who needs Physical Therapy (PT)? 
Children who have a congenital condition or developmental delays, suffered an injury or undergone surgery can benefit from physical therapy services. Our Physical Therapist can assess joint range of motion, muscle power, neurological function, motor control, and posture to improve a child’s balance, coordination, strength, and endurance within their school environment.  

How long will my child need PT?
Every child is different and as such, we treat each child like an individual. Physical Therapy for students with significant developmental delays and other disabilities may require more time and frequency.

What type of tools does a therapist use?  
Therapists use music, balls, manipulatives, and age-appropriate games to engage the children in each therapy session.


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