Practical Assessment Exploration System
(P.A.E.S.) Lab

The PAES Lab is a hands-on occupational skills discovery and development curriculum for high school students, grades 9th - 12th. The PAES Lab provides foundational basics for School-To-Work transition planning. The program provides students and their team with an assessment of their competitive work potential and interests, while simultaneously using real tools to explore various job fields and developing proper work behaviors in the areas of Computer Technology, Construction/Industrial, Production/Processing, Consumer/Service and Business/Marketing.

This class cultivates career exploration and assessments that simulate a real-world work environment, while encouraging students to become independent problem solvers and develop higher-order thinking skills. Students will obtain thorough knowledge of many job skills and have a better understanding of the working world. Performance reports can be used to assist in creating Career Development plans, IEPs and Transition plans for the student.


Student & Educator Outcomes
Upon successful completion of PAES

The Student:
  • Has learned entry-level skills in multiple career/work areas
  • Has learned how to follow work procedures
  • Has learned about his/her own appropriate work behaviors
  • Has discovered his/her interest for certain tasks and job skills
  • Has learned problem-solving skills

Educators Will Know:
  • What skills students can perform competitively
  • What special assistance or adaptations are required for some students
  • The job strengths and preferences of the student
  • The level of appropriate work behaviors
  • Vital transition information for IEPs and appropriate job placement

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Program Supervisor: Lisa Mickle
                                  Assistant Director of Special Education
                                  Phone: (320) 631-2540

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