PAES LAB located at the STEPS facility

Practical Assessment Exploration System
P.A.E.S. is a Work Development Curriculum that is used as a preliminary work site where students learn job and life skills, explore many work areas, and learn what type of jobs they are good at and enjoy doing. The students in P.A.E.S. also learn and develop appropriate work behaviors, because in P.A.E.S., the students will be expected to act appropriately for work, dress appropriate for work, cooperate with their co-workers and their supervisors. We have created a site that is a simulated work environment, where the teacher is the boss, and the students are the employees. Students punch a time-clock, and have the opportunity to get paid (simulated money) to explore hundreds of jobs.

Upon Completion of P.A.E.S.
  • Students should have learned entry-level skills in multiple career/work areas
  • Learned how to follow work procedures‚Ä®
  • Learned about his/her own appropriate work behaviors
  • Discovered his/her interest for certain tasks and job skills
  • Learned problem-solving skills
  • Know what skills they can perform competitively‚Ä®
  • Know what type of assistance or adaptations are potentially required to do the job
  • Job strengths and preferences
PAES - Real World Job Correlations


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