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Occupational therapists in schools promote 'occupations' that occur during the school day. An occupation is ANYTHING a person does that allows them to engage in activities that make up daily life - from writing your name to getting dressed, to driving or to having a conversation. Typically, occupational therapists in the school support staff & students in the areas of fine motor, sensory processing, assistive technology, self-care, and functional tasks. Occupational therapy uses a holistic approach and views the situation through the student's lens. This means giving consideration to the student's environment, the student's skills (visual, motor, processing, etc), staff skill level and interaction, and the student's values and motivators when looking at their daily occupations. 

The goal of OT service is to enable students with disabilities to function in their school environments successfully and independently, alongside their typically developing peers.

School OT services may involve:

  • Developing activities and aiding in programming to improve fine motor control, or to promote sensory-motor development (body awareness, postural control, hand-eye coordination)
  • Recommending strategies and adaptive aids in order to improve performance in school activities
  • Guiding the team with use of assistive technology
  • Assisting with classroom seating/positioning
  • Training staff members on interventions and strategies
  • Educating parents and caregivers
  • Collaborating and consulting with various members of an IEP team 

To be eligible for educational occupational therapy services, a student must qualify for special education. Secondly, a need for OT services must be identified by the IEP team. OT services provided in the schools are typically indirect and are not intended to replace or substitute for medical OT services and intervention. Parents are encouraged to seek additional occupational therapy services outside of school for their child to be the most successful.

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has additional resources that provide further information:              

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