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Schools within Mid-State Education District are able to access alternative special education placements and programming when it is appropriate so a student may benefit more fully from their Special Education Planning. When the mainstream school has exhausted all local resources in the less restrictive school settings, students may be placed into programs with increased levels of support and services provided by Mid-State Education District. 


Prior to considering a change of placement, IEP teams must ensure all intervention efforts have been exhausted. The team must ensure that the student has received specially designed instruction that is sufficiently intensive and targeted so as to mitigate challenging behavior and build adaptive coping strategies and skills. Students must have function-based PBSPs in place and be receiving the maximum amount of special education services and support within their resident district. Local districts must document the supports, interventions, and services provided to students in an attempt to serve them successfully within a less restrictive environment prior to submitting a referral for a more restrictive setting.

The Setting IV Referral Manual below includes the process, timelines, and outlines the responsibilities of both mainstream school and setting IV personnel for such referrals and transitions. 

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