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Special Education
Programs & Services

Learn more about our programs and services below.

What I Need Program

The WIN programs serve children in grades K-12 with significant social-emotional and behavioral needs. This program focuses on teaching specific academic, social-emotional, and behavioral skills based on each student's needs, with the end goal for them to transition back into their mainstream school.

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Paraplegic Sporting Event

Students with Unique Needs Program

The SUN Program serves children ages 5-22 years who have multiple disabilities or impairments. Students receive instruction in academics, social behavior, and motor skills in a variety of ways with special consideration given to which learning styles are the most suited for each student. 

Student Transition Education & Personal Success

The STEPS Program helps prepare young adults from ages 18-22 years old, as they transition from school to adult life. Students will learn necessary skills in the areas of independent living, community activities and resources, post-secondary opportunities, career explorations, and the development of job skills.

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Practical Assessment Exploration System

The PAES Lab is a hands-on curriculum for high school students designed to develop occupational skills. Students gain marketable job skills in a simulated work environment. Completion of the program provides an assessment of career potential, employable skills, and possible barriers to success.

Early Childhood Special Education

The ECSE program provides early intervention and special education services to young children from Birth through 6 years of age. Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each child and are offered across many settings. 

Kids in Daycare
Baby with Hearing Aid

Related Services

Related Services provide extra help and support to individuals with disabilities. These services allow them to better access their environment and benefit from their special education plan. Some examples include physical, occupational, or speech therapy, audiology, assessment, consultation services, interpreting, social-emotional services, adaptive technology, and mobility aides.

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