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ITV Classes

"Interactive Television"

Virtual Team Meeting


ITV offers high school students more academic opportunities to attend classes that otherwise may not be offered by their school. ITV is a tool that allows students across different school campuses to connect electronically to an instructor who teaches a course from a host location. ITV classes are designed to replicate a traditional classroom experience by enabling groups to meet simultaneously in multiple locations and interact as if they were physically in the same room. 

By providing the capability for our local school districts to deliver ITV courses, schools can expand course offerings for students and retain students that may leave the district for more expansive course list offered at another school's campus.

Earn College Credit


Partnering with both local and state colleges and universities gives high school students access to take college-level courses. 


Through College in the Schools and Post-Secondary Enrollment Options programs, students can earn college credits toward a future degree. 

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