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Mid-State Enrollment Process

Parent & Guardian Information

Helping a Student


Students who enroll in our programs are referred to us by their home school district. Typically the student's teacher will submit a referral to us. Occasionally, a referral is submitted by an administrator at the school.


A referral may be appropriate if a student is not successful in the mainstream school and the team determines the student needs a more specialized setting to better access their education. The student's IEP team should meet to discuss the possibility of a referral to one of the programs at Mid-State.

Interested in Enrolling Your Student?

Parents and guardians should contact their student's school to begin the referral process.


Please select the school district where the student is enrolled to view contact information:
You may also want to contact your child's special education teacher. 

Dan Fischer

Elementary Principal, K-6th

(320) 532-6705

Karn Dols

Middle/High School Assistant Principal, 7-12th

(320) 532-6778

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