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STEPS Program

"Student Transition Education & Personal Success"

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The STEPS Program helps prepare young adult students, ages 18-22 years old as they transition from school to adult life. The program helps them build necessary skills and independence in the areas of community activities and resources, independent living skills, post-secondary opportunities, career exploration, development of job skills and obtaining employment in the community.

Career Exploration

  • Students will research and explore many career and post-secondary options. 

  • They will discover career interests through inventories and job shadowing opportunities.

  • Students learn about the process of finding and applying for jobs. 

  • Students will practice writing a resume, filling out job applications and strengthening their interview skills

Employment Skills

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  • Students will become skilled and active members of the workforce by gaining many marketable job skills.

  • Students gain work experience through both paid employment and volunteer opportunities.

  • Job coaches accompany students to guide and assist them in completing job tasks. 

Independent Living

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Students learn important skills for daily life and living independently.


Skills that are practiced include:

  • Budgeting and money management

  • Cleaning, laundry, and other household chores

  • Grocery shopping

  • Following recipes and meal planning

Community Involvment

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  • Students participate in a variety of community outings.

  • Students are guided in finding appropriate recreational activities and learning appropriate social behaviors. 

  • Some destinations include the local library, government buildings, parks, grocery stores, bakery, zoo, job sites, volunteer opportunities, and other businesses. 

  • Students ride Tri-Cap public bus system. Bus fair is provided by the program, at no additional cost.

Additional Resources

Disability Hub MN

disability-hub-MN-logo 2.png

Disability Hub MN is a free statewide resource network that helps people with disabilities solve problems, navigate their options and plan for their future.

CareerForce MN

career-force (no tagline).jpg

Find vocalional and transition resources including information for a Vocational Rehabilitation Services office near you. 

Career Services

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Minnesota's resources and programs helping people with disabilities prepare for the workforce and and live as independantly as possible.

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