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WIN Program

"What I Need"

Elementary School Teacher

Our WIN program provides services to children enrolled in our member school districts and surrounding communities. Students who enroll in this program often have significant social-emotional and behavioral needs which require a higher level of individualized support than what their home school district can provide to receive an equitable education experience.

The program's goal is to foster learning, cultivate skills, promote independence, and encourage students to become active, productive members of society. This program focuses on teaching appropriate academic, social, and behavioral skills with the end goal to transition students back into their mainstream school district. 


K - 5th Grade

Middle School

6th - 8th Grade

High School

9th - 12th Grade


Colorful Books
  • Students receive school credit towards graduation requirements.

  • Students take classes in math, language arts, social studies, science, and physical education.

  • Middle and High School students also participate in transition skills classes. 

  • Special Education case managers work closely with home school district teams to plan individualized instruction for students. 

  • All classrooms have paraprofessionals to support the academic and behavioral needs of each student

Behavioral & Mental Health


Experienced & Licensed Staff Members include:

  • Mental Health Practitioners

  • School Social Workers

  • Behavior Interventionist

  • Behavior Support Staff

Interventions & Supports include:

  • Self - Identified Breaks

  • Sensory Routines & Fidgets

  • Scheduled 1:1 Sessions with Staff

  • Movement Opportunities throughout the day

Staff are also trained in Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) and Handle With Care

Student Support Systems 


Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports  (PBIS)

PBIS is a school-wide framework for implementing proactive behavior intervention. This system supports students' needs while improving behavior, social-emotional awareness, academic success, school climate, and safety through an evidence-based three-tiered system. PBIS focuses solely on positively reinforcing desirable behavior, rather than punishing undesirable behavior. With this framework, we teach "STAR" qualities to all students -- Safety, Trust, Accountability, and Respect. 


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Student Behavior Profile (SBP)

The Student Behavior Profile is a data-based system used to gather measurable data about students’ behaviors, what influences happened immediately before, and the direct response or action that resulted after. This data is analyzed to make informed decisions about why a behavior might be occurring and which behavior intervention methods are the most successful for each student to promote the desired positive behavior. This data can be shared with the student’s IEP team to measure if they are demonstrating the appropriate academic, social, and behavioral skills needed to transition back into their home school district.

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